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Opportunity Clarification

Sometimes it is helpful to get some clarity on the vision and values of your project in order to help frame the rest of the process and to help select the best crowdfunding partners.

Preparation of Documentation

Depending upon the scale of your crowdfunding you will need to have documentation to hand ready to share with people.  This can include business plans, forecasts, marketing collateral and the copulation of file of information that will help support your claims.

Preparation of the Pitch

We can work with you to bring together all your documentation into a compelling summery which can be used to attract money on the platforms.

Pitch Video

We can provide you with a Pitch Video which is based upon specific techniques that enable people to grasp what you are doing quickly and invite them to back you.

Managing Relationship with Platforms

We work with crowdfunding platforms as professionals and because we know how they work we can speed up the process of getting your campaign approved and listed.

Finding Launch Funders

Some crowdfunding platforms require you to raise a percentage as much as 25% of your target before you are allowed to go live with your campaign.  We can help you find that initial funding to allow you to proceed.

Lean Sales

We can help you gain some early results that help to prove your case to funders

Managing Funder Communications

When you go live the chances are you will be hit with requests for more information and it is critical to turn that request around quickly.

Completion Work

We can assist you in completing the funding round and ensuring the money is paid to you promptly.


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